Titan Tree Service

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Professional Services for Tree Trimming

About Us

Expert team handles trees

A Focus On Excellence

Here at Titan Tree Service, we focus on bringing the best value to our customers that we possibly can.

Our founder, was originally part of a tree service partnership that focused on bringing in as much money as possible at the customers’ expense. Caleb had helped build a company that was defined by income rather than quality of service. Eventually, Caleb decided it was worth separating from his partner with the goal of providing a better service- for tree care and for his customers.

In 2018, Caleb started Titan Tree Service on the values that people come before profit. Meaning, no matter what, our service professionals will always be responsive and carry themselves with skill and integrity.

It’s these values that separate our company from our competition. We don’t want to be another nightmare contractor story. Instead, we want to exceed our customer expectations.

Titan Tree Service is more than a tree service company, it’s a group of likeminded individuals trained to execute a service that our customers can trust. We look forward to hearing from you about your trees.

Because Happy Trees Make Happy Customers.

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