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emergency tree services

emergency Tree Services denver colorado

Has a tree fallen on your house or your neighbors house?

Do you have a dangerous tree you are worried about?

Not to worry, Titan Tree Service offers emergency tree services within 72 hours of the incident, so that you can rest easy. Our expert service professionals are skilled with dangerous trees and our service turnaround is quick and efficient.

Do you need emergency tree services near Denver CO?
Reach out to us for a quick and Free Quote.

Titan Tree Service has rapid scheduling for emergency tree service in locations near South Denver. If you have a fallen tree, broken branches, a tree or bush that has collapsed on the property. Call us right away to get your service scheduled.

Have us contact Xcel: If you trees have fallen onto an electrical line of any kind, contact us immediately so we can can contact Xcel Energy.

Contact Xcel directly: The direct line for Xcel is here: 800-895-2999.

What Emergency Services Do We Offer?

Crane Services Colorado

Do you have a tree that has fallen on your roof, fence, or electrical lines?

Our crane specialists are experienced in all sorts of emergency services, use our crane experts to safely remove fallen trees that are on your house, fence, neighbors property or deck.

We prioritize our emergency services so we can safely get a tree incident serviced and resolved quickly.

Bucket Truck Services Colorado

Do you have a dangerous tree on your property that is overgrown or dying?

Our bucket trucks reach up to 70 ft, and are operational throughout the southern Denver area. If you are unsure whether you need a bucket truck service in your area, fill out our emergency service form to be called back immediately.

We prioritize our emergency services so we can safely get a tree incident serviced and resolved quickly.


Tree Services Colorado

Do you need a tree trimmed, removed, or serviced immediately?

In some cases a customer will ask us to service their property right away, we only offer these services in specific instances when a tree is endangering property or residents. If you believe your tree is an emergency service, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately via our emergency service form.

please fill out the Emergency contact form below

Depending on our schedule, we may need to charge you extra for Rapid Service, are you okay with an additional service fee?
What is the emergency?
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