Homeowners need to keep up with tree maintenance in autumn to ensure their trees thrive during spring and summer. Creating a fall tree care checklist allows you to stay on top of your trees’ maintenance demands while staying organized. Titan Tree Service created a homeowner’s guide to fall tree care to help your trees remain in impeccable condition throughout the year.

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Autumn Tree Maintenance Tips for Parker, Colorado, Residents

Many Parker residents believe they can take a break from maintaining their trees during fall since they enter a period of dormancy. However, performing fall tree maintenance helps your trees survive winter and provides numerous benefits once spring arrives. Use the fall tree care checklist below to keep your trees in tip-top shape throughout autumn and beyond.

Prune Dead and Diseased Branches 

Although arborists don’t recommend pruning and trimming in the fall, it only applies to healthy tree limbs. Eliminating dead and diseased branches during autumn will provide more nutrients to healthy limbs and enhance growth during spring. Just remember not to prune healthy branches since it can negatively impact the tree as it enters dormancy.

Fertilize the Soil

Trees need nutrients to survive winter and grow when spring temperatures set in. Applying a slow-release fertilizer to the soil will supply plenty of nutrients throughout fall and winter, ensuring the tree remains healthy throughout the year. Slow-release fertilizers only require one or two applications, making it much easier than applying a weekly water-soluble variation.

Apply Fresh Mulch

Like fertilizers, mulch provides numerous benefits that help trees thrive. These benefits include:

  • Improves moisture retention
  • Enhance aesthetic appeal
  • Insulates the root system
  • Diminishes compaction and erosion

Apply two inches of mulch around the tree and spread it evenly around the base. However, leave at least three inches between the mulch and the tree’s trunk. Adding mulch too close to the tree can cause trunk damage and bark rot.

Reduce Your Watering Frequency

Trees don’t need as much water during the fall since temperatures dip to a relatively mild level. Soil doesn’t dry out as fast during chilly weather, so we recommend reducing your watering frequency to prevent root rot and other overwatering issues.

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